Parent/Caregiver Health and Wellness

Are you a new parent and transitioning home from the hospital or the neonatal intensive care unit with your newborn? Did your expectations of child birth differ from what actually happened?

  • NICU related trauma support
  • Provide Infant related education
  • Parenting education

Are you looking for a speedy and effective recovery from labor or experiencing injury from repetitive movements during child care?

  • Assistance and emotional support with new roles as a parent
  • Strategies to support efficient routines and habits
  • Exercise for recovery from child birth
  • Prevention strategies for caregivers and family
  • Support for mental, emotional and physical health

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information you received in the hospital after delivery? Are you looking to find ways to communicate and bond with your newborn?

  • Positioning for breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Virtual or in person individual or group Infant Massage Classes
  • Virtual person group or individual pre and post Yoga-fusion ex- ercise classes
  • Virtual support for parents/caregivers
  • Virtual breast feeding educational and support group
  • Virtual or in person “Grow and Play” educational and support group.