Infant Massage

Learn how to perform healing massage on your infant or child!

Massage provides positive, psychological and sensory input to developing infants and is excellent at facilitating bonding between parent and child. Our certified specialists can guide you through safe, easy massage strokes and sequences than you can continue to use throughout your child’s life as a means of connection and bonding. 

Benefits for child:

  • Creates a Loving, Intimate communication
  • Enhances Bonding and Attachment
  • Reduces gas and colic, intestinal difficulties
  • Regulates behavioral states and promotes sleep
  • Decreases irritability and excessive crying
  • Promotes social, emotional and cognitive develop- ment
  • Strengthens and regulates primary organ systems

Benefits for parents:

  • Promotes better understanding of infant cues
  • Enhances communication and emotional ties
  • Increases confidences and handling skills
  • Helps parents relax and unwind
  • Increases vocalization and direct eye contact

Premature Babies in NICU

  • Facilitates weight gain
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Increases stable state regulation
  • Counterbalances pain responses
  • Improves clinical and developmental scores
  • Reduces hospital stay
  • Improves family centered care