What we do

The Well-Nurtured team is comprised of trained pediatric Occupational Therapists who support your Family’s Health and Wellness. With over twenty years of combined experience, we take a family centered, holistic and trauma informed approach to care for all ages.

We specialize in treating and supporting infants and children though all stages of life. Our passion is wellness and prevention and believe that education is the cornerstone for progress. Whether you have an infant transitioning home from a traumatic NICU stay, or have a child with mental or physical disabilities, or are a parent in need of coaching and support, our team is ready to provide quality service.


Who it’s for

  • Children with physical or mental disabilities
  • Parents who want to help their child thrive
  • Families desiring a holistic approach to their health & lifestyle
  • Anyone who needs physical, mental, social and emotional support




Client Testimonial

Our Why

We believe in the power of healing, preventative services. Families deserve evidenced based education and support as they go, and grow, through all stages of life.

Did you know as many as 11.4 percent of all pregnancies are premature. Infants who are born premature, including later preterm births, are at risk for short term and long term deficits impacting overall health, development and well being.

These children along with so any others are diagnosed with disorders and dysfunctions including autism, ADHD, learning deficits and so much more.

Not only are children impacted, but parents, siblings, caregivers and loved alike.

Along with these facts, we are living in unprecedented times and as experienced clinicians, we know and value the need for preventive care is so much greater today. We aim to provide evidenced based, holistic services to all of you. So every person, parent/caregiver, child and infant can have a chance at a well-nurtured life.


  • Occupational Therapy Consulting
  • Perinatal and postnatal education
  • Infant and pediatric private and group services
  • Parent coaching and wellness programs
  • Infant massage, hands on developmental growth and play service
  • Genetic Testing
  • Nutritional/supplement recommendations
  • Yoga for all ages and abilities
  • Reiki for all ages and abilities
  • Community based wellness groups for all ages
  • Local in person and virtual sessions to suit your family’s schedule and unique needs


Infant Development & Wellness

Are you concerned about your infant reaching their milestones? Would you like to learn more about supporting and nurturing brain development?

Parent/Caregiver Support

Are you a new parent and transitioning home from the hospital or the neonatal intensive care unit with your…


Are you a Neonatal Therapist or aspiring to be one? Are you look- ing for mentorship or support to overcome…

Infant Massage

Infant massage provides psychological sensory input to develop infants. Contains critical elements of bonding.

Ask Anything

We also provide services to support families and their newborns who are transitioning home after delivery and discharge from the hospital.